TTTT Cancellation Policy

TTTT appreciates that there will be times when it is necessary to cancel a swimming lesson due to illness or inclement weather.

The temperature of water and air is an important factor in providing a suitable teaching environment and at all times the safety and interests of the student defines whether a lesson should be cancelled or shortened.

It is not a problem to teach in rain if the temperature is ok, particularly in mid summer. After all we do get wet swimming every week!

At the end of the day it is your prerogative to cancel a lesson for any reason, however, to ensure consistency and fairness for all clients and instructors, we would like to outline our cancellation policy below:

  • In the event of a cancellation for fair and reasonable reasons by you, with sufficient notice, TTTT will provide you with a make-up lesson (to a maximum of 3 weekly classes per term). This will be arranged at a time that suits both yourself and the instructor.
  • If you are doing 2 lessons per week, a maximum of 5 classes may be made up in any school term
  • Cancellations due to illness will be accepted up to 6 hours prior to a lesson.
  • Cancellations due to unavailability must be made at least 48 hours prior to scheduled class, and in this case make up lessons will be offered to you. Unless confirmed prior to the start of term, a maximum of 2 classes per term can be rescheduled due to unavailability.
  • Even in the case of poor weather, if an instructor is either en-route or arrives at your home and there has been no or insufficient notification of a cancellation (thunderstorms excluded) your lesson will be charged and no make-up lesson can be offered.
  • If an instructor is unable to teach due to illness or misadventure, we will call you as soon as we are aware that there is a problem. We will offer you a replacement instructor where possible, or the opportunity to reschedule the class at a time that suits you. (This will not form part of your maximum of 3 or 5 make up classes.)
  • Part cancellations of group bookings will not receive makeups or credits.
  • Make up classes must be completed in the current or following school term (or adjoining school holiday session). Once a makeup lesson has been scheduled and confirmed it can not be rescheduled.

Where TTTT believe the weather in unsuitable for swimming, we will contact you to postpone a class. However, we do cover a broad range of areas and pool settings, so if we have not contacted you and you believe the weather/ temperature is unsuitable to swim, please call our office on 0402 002 902.

TTTT will never cancel a class without attempting to contact you, so please do not ever assume a class is cancelled if the weather is poor.

Should you wish to cancel a lesson at any time, please call 0402 002 902 to make a cancellation.

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