Tanya’s Travelling Tadpole Tuition Child Safe Policy

Tanya’s Travelling Tadpole Tuition’s Child Safe Policy

We want children and young people who participate in our program to have a safe and happy experience. We support and respect our children, young people, staff, volunteers and students.


Child Safe Policy


Our policy guides our staff on how to behave when interacting and engaging with children in our organisation. The policy focuses on how we can promote kids’ participation in a friendly environment and make it safer for them.  

Tanya’s Tadpoles has a strong commitment to child safety and maintaining child safety and a child friendly environment for all students in all classes.

We Support Kids’ Participation

Tanya’s Travelling Tadpoles Tuition’s supports the active participation of kids in all our programs.  

We listen to kids’ views, respect what they say and involve them when we make decisions, especially about matters that will directly affect them.

We value diversity and do not tolerate any discriminatory practices. Tanya’s Tadpoles opposes all forms of bullying and harassment.  We take this issue very seriously and encourage anyone who believes that they or another person has been bullied or harassed to raise this issue with management.

In all decisions and actions that impact children, the best interests of the child will be the primary consideration.


Tanya’s Traveling Tadpole Tuition will maintain a rigorous and consistent recruitment, screening and selection process.

This standard will be achieved by

  • Interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Staff induction and training
  • Active Communication with all parties
  • Working with Children Check.

Tanya’s Tadpoles seeks to attract and retain the best teaching staff.  We provide support so all staff feel respected, valued and we treat all staff fairly.

We ensure our staff have ongoing training and support to develop their teaching skills and to promote a child safe environment.

Training, Support and Supervision of Staff

  1. We promote respect, fairness and consideration for all staff.
  2. All staff have access to our office managers assigned to support their work and to consult regarding any concerns.
  3. All new staff will receive a copy of our Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct.
  4. All staff participate in regular training and have access to our online training platform regarding child safety.
  5. We supervise our instructors through client’s satisfaction calls, email correspondence and occasional class observations.

Other’s Legislations and Policies

  • Child Protection (Working With Children) Act 2012
  • Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998
  • Recruitment Policy
  • TTTT Code of Conduct

Complaints Management and Reporting

  1.  Complaints can be made via email: tanya@tanyastadpoles.com.au or phone 0402 002 902.   
  2. Tanya’s Tadpoles Swim School Manager will be the initial point of contact for any complaints from families or staff.  Any serious or ongoing issues will escalate to TTTT Director, Tanya Boys.
  3. Once a complaint is received it will be addressed as soon as practical and action will be taken under management discretion.


  1. Our Policies and Code of Conduct will be discussed during induction sessions and training sessions for all staff.
  2. All families participating in our program will have access to our Policies and Code of Conduct through our web site.


The policy and guidelines will be reviewed by July 2021 and will incorporate comments and suggestions from all staff, children and families.

TTTT Child Safe policy is aligned with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations (https://childsafe.humanrights.gov.au/national-principles/download-national-principles ) and Child Safety Standards.  (https://ccyp.vic.gov.au/child-safety/being-a-child-safe-organisation/the-child-safe-standards/).

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