TTTT Code Of Conduct

TTTT Code Of Conduct

Tanya’s Travelling Tadpole Tuition’s Code of Conduct (Code) details conduct standards that all employees must adhere to. All staff members must comply with each of the following standards; non-compliance is a breach of the requirements to maintain employment with TTTT.

TTTT employees must:

  • Hold as a minimum, a current “Austswim – Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety” or Swim Australia “Swim Australia Teacher” accreditation;
  • Maintain a current CPR and a WWCC clearance;
  • Be aware of and conduct the lessons in a manner that is consistent with TTTT values, guidelines and policies;
  • Adopt a non-threatening child-centred approach to swimming education that respects the rights of children and is appropriate for age, cultural background and experience;
  • Provide a planned and sequential program of aquatic skill development based on individual participant needs;
  • Maintain a professional, ethical and respectful approach to colleagues, students, families and carers and to all other people they speak to or interact with while performing their role as an TTTT employee;
  • Be a positive role model;
  • Respect the ‘commercial ownership’ of all information acquired during this employment and the strict confidentiality of client’s contact information;
  • Contact the office immediately if a client asks or offers you to engage in swimming lessons outside your employment with Tanya’s Tadpoles;
  • Always adhere to TTTT Child Safe Policy and understand there are serious consequences of breaching this policy and the TTTT Instructors Guidelines;
  • Immediately report any breaches of Tanya’s Travelling Tadpoles Policies and guidelines to the office;
  • Report to Office if you know or reasonable ought to know that a child has been abused (emotionally, physically or sexually) or if you believe that there is a serious risk of any adult to abuse a child;

TTTT employees must refrain from:

  • Utilising or endorsing forced back floating and submersion techniques;
  • Teaching when affected by drugs, alcohol or other substances or have a medical condition that may impact on their ability to abide by the Code;
  • Any form of abuse, harassment or form of discrimination towards others;
  • Using the influence of a teaching/instructing position to encourage inappropriate intimacy with students, parents or carers;
  • Taking pictures, collecting or sharing personal information (including phone number, email or Facebook) with students;
  • Posting anything in social media related with your employment with TTTT without Office approval;
  • Giving any present or gift to students and parents without Office approval;
  • Engaging in a competitive business within 6 months of the conclusion of your contract with TTTT

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