CPR Courses – Babies, Kids & Adults

TTTT now offers CPR courses for parents, friends and community groups.

The CPR course covers learning Resuscitation for adults, children, infants and babies. The course includes basic emergency care and dealing with choking.

Simply form a group of 4-12 people and we will come to you and teach CPR in 2 hours for $65 per person. Successful participants receive a RLSSA CPR certificate valid for 12 months. I bring all necessary teaching equipment and arrange paperwork and accreditation.

I believe these simple, potentially life-saving skills are essential for all parents, grandparents and babysitters and could save the life of one of your children or family members one day.

If you are interested in learning CPR please call Tanya on 0402 002 902 or send us an email through the contacts page.

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