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Swimming Instructor Jobs in Sydney

Tanya’s Tadpoles offers casual employment for swimming instructors who hold current Austswim or Swim Australia certification and Resuscitation certificates. We pride ourselves on only employing fully qualified instructors, as safety of the students and peace of mind for the parents is absolutely paramount.

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Come and Work at Tanya’s Tadpoles!

Our working environment is unique, varied, and great fun for everyone involved! We offer private swimming lessons all around Sydney, and make sure each and every session is great fun as well as educational. Our primary focus is teaching kids how to swim through a structured programme, although we do offer lessons for the parents and other adults if required.

Clients learn how to swim in their own private pools, which is great for encouraging family bonding and instilling a confidence in and around their own swimming facilities. For us, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing them gain their confidence in the water. We also use games and songs to ensure lessons are fun and enjoyable. The swimming sessions are absolutely mutually-rewarding for all!

The Kids Make the Job Hugely Rewarding!

Working with kids is a joy, watching them learn from scratch or improving their strokes and developing skills. Before you know it, they’re gaining confidence, and thoroughly enjoying the water and their swimming lessons. And unlike adults, kids really do show their true emotions, and at that point, you know you’ve not only made their day, but have also helped set them up for lifetime of enjoying the water safely.

Our private swimming lessons are naturally also intrinsically rewarding for our instructors as progress is generally faster in the home environment and instructors form a more personal bond with their students.

Which Sydney Suburbs do we Work?

We visit our clients and work with them in their own pools! We believe that the privacy of a home swimming environment with little or no distractions is paramount in the development of their skills and focus. Our instructors generally really like this aspect of the job too. No working day is ever the same, and it’s great to be welcomed into the home of clients and achieve something really great for the whole family.

We Need Swimming Instructors Like You!

We want reliable, well-motivated, confident, enthusiastic individuals who are able to work independently. We offer a great working environment and rate of pay. Since this requires some travelling, you will need to arrange your own transportation between lessons.

We promise to make it fun and exciting for everyone. If you have what it takes to be part of Tanya’s Tadpoles’ friendly team of swimming instructors, then this job would be suitable for you.

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email if you’re interested.

Also, if you do not yet have your Austswim or Swim Australia qualification but you think you have what it takes to become a great instructor, please get in touch and we can help you through gaining your qualifications and in your training.

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Staff Testimonials

I've had a fun summer working with you guys, so thankyou!
Tilda, Northern Beaches and North Shore
It has been a good summer and it's always great to get little people off and swimming as well as watching kids progress and gain water skills.
El, Sutherland Shire and CBD
I've really enjoyed working at Tanya's Tadpoles.
Graham, North Shore
I really enjoyed this season swimming lessons. I guess having taught most kids for while and seeing the progress brings lots of satisfaction and pride.
Allison, North Shore
I have absolutely adored the families I was with over Summer so it's really nice to hear they enjoyed it. It was so good to see individual progress and how effective private lessons are. You have such a fantastic business and help so many children with their skills in the water. We will be in touch when summer hits again.
Edwina, Northern Beaches and CBD
It was so good to be able to teach over summer with the beautiful weather. As always, it has been so much fun teaching and working with you both!
Brooke, North Shore and Inner West
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