Frequently Asked Questions

How much do private swimming lessons cost?

We charge a flat rate for lessons:
– $70 for 30 minutes
– $90 for 40 minutes
– $100 for 45 minutes

or a reduced rate of
– $115 per hour for classes of 60 minutes or longer.

How many children can take part in a swimming lesson?

You can include up to 4 children in a 30 minute class and split the cost amongst your group (so for a group of 4 children it works out at $16.25 per child for a 30 minute session).

However, we do recommend smaller class sizes, as we feel that the more instructor time each child has, the more quickly they progress. In a private class the student receives 100% of the instructor’s attention and the lesson is tailored specifically to suit that child’s needs.

I have 3 children who are all at different levels – how would you structure a lesson?

We are able to accommodate different ages and levels of swimmer within a group and we can structure the class to suit your particular needs.

For younger children in particular, we often do 15-20 minute sessions one on one, which gives the child an intensive burst of swimming and the shorter time helps them maintain their focus.

We usually recommend at least 15 minutes per child, so with 3 children, you may choose 45 minutes to give each child 15 minutes, 1 hour to give each child 20 minutes, or 90 minutes to give each child 30 minutes.

Our instructors will assess what works best for your children and make a recommendation as to what lesson structure or length is most appropriate for your child or children.

What age do you teach children to swim from?

We offer lesson for babies from 6 months old. For children under 2 years of age we usually recommend lessons where your pool has either solar or gas heating.

We teach kids until they are ready for squads – this can be up to around 12 years of age.

We can also teach adults or older children by request.

Are parents required to be in the water for swimming lessons?

Children under 2 years of age are usually more comfortable with a parent in the water, so we recommend having a parent in at this age.

Between 2 and 3 years of age children are more independent and transition away from having parents in the water with them.  However, if a child is particularly fearful, it sometimes helps to have a parent in for the first few lessons.

At what age could my child be able to swim by themselves?

This is a very difficult question and depends on the individual child, the number of lessons they have, the amount of time they spend in the pool, and their desire to swim.

As a guide, it is possible for a 2-3 year old to swim dog paddle across a pool and take a breath unaided.

A 3-4 year old could move well in the water and be able to retrieve dive sticks unaided.

A 4-5 year old is able to start putting together the kick, arms and breathing for freestyle.

This is however, simply a guide for what children who spend a lot of time in the water are capable of achieving. Each child progresses at their own rate.

What happens if it is raining, cold or if there is a thunderstorm?

If it is simply raining, we go ahead with most classes – kids are going to get wet in a swimming lesson anyhow!

If it is cold or windy, we will postpone classes where we feel the conditions and pool temperature are unsuitable for the class to go ahead.

In the case of electrical storms, we suspend lessons until the storm has passed.

We will never cancel a lesson without attempting to contact you, so unless you call us, expect your instructor to arrive for the scheduled lesson!

See our cancellation policy.

What happens if my children are sick?

If you provide us with sufficient notice we will arrange a make up class at a time that suits you and your instructor. For further information see the cancellation policy above.

Are staff accredited?

All staff have the Austswim or Swim Australia Teacher’s qualification. In addition they must have current CPR qualifications.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, TTTT has a $10 million Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance policy.

Do you teach private swimming lessons during summer only?

We do offer classes all year around, however, most of our classes take place in outdoor pools, so the majority of classes take place between October – April.

Do we need to have our own pool or can we have our lessons in a public pool?

All TTTT classes are taught in private pools – either backyard pools or pools in apartment complexes. Unfortunately we’re not able to teach private swimming lessons in public pools – they don’t like us to do lessons in their pools as we are often seen as competition to their swim schools.

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