Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer!

Pool Heating

It’s awesome that most of the pools we teach in are heated these days.  But there is also an enormous variance in temperature between pools – I’m often asked why?

Having pool heating is fantastic, but you need to operate it properly to get the benefit out of it.

Solar Heating

If you have a solar pool, it will be most effective if you have it set to switch on throughout the day when the sun is shining.  Solar is pretty cheap to run, you only pay for the electricity for the pump to get the water to your roof and the sun does the rest.  Most solar systems will only kick in when the temperature on the roof is higher than the water temperature, so they will only run when effective.

I set my solar to run from 9am-5pm each day and my pool sits around 29/30 degrees through most of the summer, unless we have a wet/ cloudy week.

Occasionally I have a client who says they are running their solar, but they only run it for a couple of hours per day, and this really won’t make a huge difference to the pool temperature, it does need time to heat the water.

Gas Heating

Gas heating is the fastest to heat up, and depending what the starting temperature is, it can be effective in a matter of hours.  However, for swimming lessons we recommend turning your gas heater on the night before your lesson to make sure the temperature is right.  It’s also worth checking it first thing in the morning to make sure it has heated properly.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is an efficient way to heat a pool but it takes longer than gas.  If you have a heat pump you’ll need to turn it on at least 24 hours before your lesson, and if it is shoulder season and the pool is cooler, you might need to heat it for longer than that.

Pool Cover

A pool cover will help maintain the pool temperature as the water won’t cool down overnight while we still have lower evening temperatures.  It also helps reduce evaporation of water and chemicals. 

Water Quality

Make sure you check the balance of your pool chemicals in the lead in to summer.  With warmer water temperatures you might require more chemicals to keep the water balanced.

Mineral Swim

I converted my pool to a Mineral Swim pool back in March and it is fabulous.  

It combines Ozone to oxygen water purification with 100% Dead Sea Minerals.  The water clarity is amazing and the Dead Sea minerals are so soft on your skin – none of the dryness I’ve always associated with time in the pool!

Other Benefits include:

  • Dramatically reduced chlorine levels and overall chemical requirement
  • Mineral rich water that will relax, detoxify and moisturise
  • Purified water ideal for sensitive skin, allergies, psoriasis, eczema and asthmatics
  • No red eyes or irritated skin
  • Protects pool equipment
  • No need to shower after swimming and no need to wash swimwear
  • The girls hair doesn’t dry out or get tangled after swimming!

Stay tuned for our upcoming competition where we will give away one Mineral Swim System, valued at $3000!

Now just get ready to jump in the pool and have some fun this summer.  My kids and friends are loving our pool again!

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