TTTT Guidelines For Parents

TTTT Guidelines For Parents

At Tanya’s Tadpoles we want children and young people who participate in our program to have a safe and happy experience. Please have a look at our recommendations to make the most from our service:

  1. Check for correct chlorination, heating and water quality 1 day before your class. (If your pool is unsuitable for swimming when our instructor arrives at your house, we can not offer a makeup lesson).
  2. Prior to commencement of each lesson the pool and enclosed area is to be checked for safety. Potentially dangerous obstacles or spiders are to be removed from the water prior to the commencement of each lesson.
  3. Parents should have children dressed appropriately and ready for swimming lessons prior to the arrival of the instructor to maximise teaching time.
  4. Parents are always welcome to and are strongly encouraged to be present and watching their children’s lessons.
  5. A parent or a supervising adult (over 18 years of age) must be at home during all classes.
  6. A parent or responsible adult must be present at the end of the class to enable handover of children at the conclusion of the lesson.
  7. Only children taking part in a lesson are to be in the swimming pool during the lesson time, when possible.  Instructors are only responsible for the registered children they have been allocated to teach.
  8. Ensure that pets and other children around are not interfering in the lesson.
  9. All children are to be instructed on the importance of water safety in and around a pool and adhering to the teacher’s instruction regarding this. Children not adhering to these instructions will be required to leave the pool until they are prepared to co-operate with these instructions. 
  10. In the case where more than one child is participating in a learn to swim class and each child receives individual attention the following requirements exist: 
    • parental supervision in the pool area is required;
    • instructors are to keep a regular watch on swimmers waiting their turn; 
    • swimmers waiting for their turn must sit on the top steps and not move off these steps under any circumstances. This is to be made clear by both the instructor and parents. 
  11. No running within the pool area. 
  12. Diving or jumping into the pool is only to take place in the deep end of the pool under the instructor’s supervision and direct instruction. 
  13. Each pool is to display CPR signage and comply with council regulations in accordance with the Swimming Pools Act (1992). 
  14. A First Aid kit is to be readily available near the swimming pool. 
  15. In the case of a thunderstorm or any electrical activity, lessons are to be immediately suspended. 
  16. If you need to cancel a class, change days or times, or book a makeup lesson, please contact the office and not the instructor.
  17. We want to hear from you! Please contact office if you have any feedback about our instructors or concerns about any issues.

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