Private Swimming Lessons in Chiswick

We teach in the inner west of Sydney which includes Chiswick.

Chiswick Private Swimming Lessons for Kids

Nothing quite compares to learning new things in the comforts of the home. That is the inspiration behind Tanya’s Travelling Tadpoles Tuition where we offer private swimming lessons to kids aged 5 months and above, and even adults, all in the comforts of their own backyard or apartment complex pool. We started in 1996 on the North Shore and have since expanded our services across Sydney including Chiswick to cater to the demand for private swimming lessons for kids in the area.

We believe that swimming should be a fundamental skill for every kid, and we help our students become efficient swimmers through our private lessons right at the comforts of their own home. From teaching them how to be independent in the water to introducing all four types of strokes, we ensure that we give our students the skills to be ready to swim for recreation or competition.

Tanya’s Travelling Tadpoles Tuition is led by Tanya, an accredited Bronze Level swimming coach and Austswim-accredited swimming instructor. The rest of the Tadpole instructors are also Austswim and resuscitation certified, and they have been trained specifically for offering private swimming lessons in the home environment. So, if you’re looking for someone in Chiswick to teach your kid how to swim in your own pool, get in touch with us to know how to sign up for classes.

Tanya’s Tadpoles offers

Private Swimming Lessons for:

Baby Swimming Lessons

5 to 24 months

Kids Swimming Lessons

Non swimmers to basic freestyle and backstroke

Stroke Correction

Freestyle beginners up to junior squad level

Adult Swimming Lessons

All ages and abilities. Never too old to learn!

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