Private Swimming Lessons In Dee Why

We teach classes surrounding Dee Why and many prime areas in the Northern Beaches.

Dee Why Private Swimming Instructors For Kids

Dee Why has some of Australia’s most family-friendly beaches, so it’s no surprise that a lot of parents in the area want their kids to learn swimming from an early age. But before these kids can enjoy the open water, we believe that the home is the best place to start teaching them basic swimming skills.

Therefore, Tanya’s Travelling Tadpoles Tuition has been offering private swimming lessons to kids as young as 5 months old right at the comforts of their own backyard or apartment complex pool.

We begin our private lessons by making kids feel more comfortable in the water. We teach independence and propulsion in the water and when they are ready we develop their streamline and work on all four strokes and developing stroke efficiency and style.

We focus on offering our swimming lessons at home, whether that is a backyard pool or apartment complex,  believing that it is where our kids feel most confident in which will make it easier for them to learn as compared to being in a public pool where distractions are everywhere.

Although the North Shore has been our home since 1996, we have since offered private lessons in Dee Why and neighbouring suburbs. Our instructors are all Austswim-certified and they hold resuscitation certificates to ensure the safety of the kids during lessons. They are also trained to offer swimming lessons in small groups in the home environment so you can guarantee the best service possible for your kids.

Tanya’s Tadpoles offers

Private Swimming Lessons for:

Baby Swimming Lessons

5 to 24 months

Kids Swimming Lessons

Non swimmers to basic freestyle and backstroke

Stroke Correction

Freestyle beginners up to junior squad level

Adult Swimming Lessons

All ages and abilities. Never too old to learn!

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