Private Swimming Lessons in Leichhardt

We teach in the Inner West of the city, suburbs include Leichhardt, Abbotsford, and as far west as Strathfield.

Your Private Swimming Instructors in Leichhardt

It was 1996 when Tanya’s Travelling Tadpole Tuition started offering private swimming lessons to kids of all ages in a home pool environment. Since then, we’ve helped many kids become efficient swimmers for both recreation and competition, and we continue to expand our reach in Sydney’s suburbs including Leichhardt.

We offer a range of programs to cater to the needs of our students. We have learn to swim programmes for pre-schoolers and stroke development classes  for school-aged kids where we introduce the four swimming strokes. We also help our students develop the correct swimming techniques to give them the skills they need to become efficient swimmers. And we do all this right at the comforts of your own backyard or apartment complex pool.

We took a different approach to private swimming lessons because we believe that the home offers the perfect environment for learning. We have weekday lessons after school and all-day lessons during Saturdays, and our classes include swim education, swim techniques and water safety.

We cater to kids as young as 5 months old and offer lessons up to junior squad level, so if you want to prepare your kid for recreational or competitive swimming, our Austswim or Swim Australia qualified instructors are ready to help you. Learn more about our private swimming lessons in Leichhardt today!

Tanya’s Tadpoles offers

Private Swimming Lessons for:

Baby Swimming Lessons

5 to 24 months

Kids Swimming Lessons

Non swimmers to basic freestyle and backstroke

Stroke Correction

Freestyle beginners up to junior squad level

Adult Swimming Lessons

All ages and abilities. Never too old to learn!

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