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Any new parent would wish for their baby to develop into a smart,  strong, and healthy child. Providing the best care and giving the right nutrition paves the way to achieve that but there’s actually more that parents can do.

Recent research suggests that baby swimming influences infant development in the motor and cognitive domains. Babies who swim are given the chance to develop their potential as they grow! If you’re looking for swimming lessons for your baby, Tanya’s Tadpoles private baby swimming lessons might just be for your baby and you.

Tanya’s Tadpoles service offers private swimming lessons for babies in the comfort of their own homes. Our mobile baby swimming lessons give the convenience of learning how to swim in your own home swimming pools. Learning in your family’s own pool allows babies to feel comfortable learning in a familiar environment while enjoying.

We encourage parents to join their babies as they reach a learning milestone in the waters. This makes a great family activity! 

We have experienced instructors all over Sydney including North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney CBD, Sutherland Shire & St George


Baby Swimming Classes

Parent and baby swim classes are offered for children from 5 months in well heated pools.

Babies Program – Stages of Skill Development

The following is a guide to the skills developed in our babies programme (5-24 months).

Each lesson for babies and young children is conducted incorporating songs and games. Enjoyment is a paramount to our classes – we do not wish to traumatise children through forcing them to participate in activities they are not comfortable doing.

Therefore the skills listed provide a guide – each child develops physically and emotionally at different rates and will be ready for different skills at different times.

The stages described below list developmentally appropriate skills for the age groups when babies or children have had good exposure to the water.

Older or more timid/ fearful children who may have had less exposure to the water will need to spend more time completing both the tasks in the younger group list as well as learning some of the skills they are physically able to complete in their age category.

Baby Swimming Lessons Program:

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Why choose Tanya's Tadpoles?

  • The Tadpole Instructors are a great team of fun, enthusiastic and motivated individuals.
  • All instructors are Austswim qualified and hold resuscitation certificates. They are all trained in “Tadpole Tuition” for teaching private swimming lessons to small groups in the home environment.
  • Personalised Plans
  • Encouraging & familiar home environment

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