Swimming Stroke Correction and Development Lessons Sydney

For children able to swim unaided, learning freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.We believe that developing an efficient and effective swimming stroke is of fundamental importance in stroke development classes.

TTTT private stroke development classes build on the skills of independence learned in learn-to-swim.   We ensure kids are continuing to developing a love of swimming and the aquatic environment whilst learning the essential skills for swimming strokes.

We work on the fundamental skills required for freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, including:

  • Developing a strong and effective flutter kick
  • Correct streamlined body position in the water, which is the platform for strong freestyle
  • Developing a good breathing pattern and effective air exchange. This is critical to establishing correct stroke timing.
  • Introducing freestyle arms and bilateral breathing when ready.
  • Developing a strong backstroke kick on top of the water.
  • Introducing backstroke arms.
  • Introduction of breaststroke kick.
  • Teaching children water safety skills in the home pool environment
  • Developing confidence and comfort in the water, in all areas of the pool.

Every class is tailored to the individual needs of each child.

The lesson structure is your choice and may involve the child spending one on one time with the instructor – we usually recommend between 15-30 minutes per child with their teacher.

You may also include up to 4 children in a 30 minute class and split the cost of the lesson, however, we do find the more time each child has with an instructor, the more quickly they progress.

Swim Stroke Correction Classes

For freestyle beginners up to junior squad level.

We believe that developing an efficient and effective swimming stroke is of fundamental importance in stroke correction classes.

Our aim is to develop excellent strokes so that once learned, children are able to use these skills in a recreational or competitive setting and to move into squads if they choose.

We begin teaching freestyle by working on the body position and streamline, which are an essential platform for developing the freestyle stroke. It is important to develop a strong kick to maintain the body position, and from there we work on efficient arm strokes and developing bilateral breathing.

Swimming Strokes:

We teach backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly and introduce each stroke as the child is ready, we do not need to have a perfect freestyle stroke before kids can start learning breaststroke and butterfly.

Swimming all strokes can contribute to enjoyment of swimming lessons, as children who are naturally proficient in breaststroke can enjoy excelling in their preferred stroke whilst still working on developing their freestyle swimming skills.

Starts and Turns:

We teach children to tumbleturn and to correctly start and turn for each stroke.

Our repertoire of age and skill appropriate drills ensure all private swimming lessons maximise learning and skill acquisition.

Naturally we want children to love swimming so our swimming lessons also include games and activities which develop swimming skills.

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