Swimming Lesson Pricing

Our lessons are priced according to the total length of the lesson, rather than for the number of students in a class.

We also offer savings for longer sessions.

You may include up to 4 children in a 30 minute class and split the cost amongst your group (so for a group of 4 children in a 30 minute class it works out at $15 per child).

However, we do recommend smaller class sizes as we feel the more instructor time each child has, the more quickly they progress.  In a private class the student receives 100% of the instructor’s attention and the lesson is specifically tailored to suit that child’s needs.

All lessons are to be paid for each school term or holiday programme in advance.  We are prepared to accept payments for school terms in 2 installments if agreed prior to the start of the term.

THE 2018-2019 SEASON
10 x 30 minutes – $600
10 x 40 minutes – $800
10 x 45 minutes – $900
10 x 60 minutes – $1000
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THE 2018-2019 SEASON
30 minutes – $60
40 minutes – $80
45 minutes – $90
60 minutes – $100
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Cancellation Policy

Please see our Cancellation Policy.

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