Private Swimming Lesson Programs

Tanya’s Tadpoles Swimming Lesson Philosophy

Tanya’s Travelling Tadpole Tuition offers a full range of  swimming classes from complete beginners, through to competitive swimmers.


Our focus is to develop efficient and effective strokes so that our swimmers are well prepared for recreational or competitive swimming, and so that they have a highly developed understanding of the aquatic environment and water safety.

Our slogan “Swimming Skills for Life” means that the skills learned in our swimming lessons can not only potentially save lives, but that skills well taught will be kept for life.

Naturally, we focus on making our lessons fun, because whilst water safety is vitally important, a love of water and enjoyment of swimming is a great asset in our environment. And of course we love teaching when everyone is having fun!!

TTTT offer private swimming lessons to the following levels:

Baby Swim Classes

Parent and baby swim classes are offered for children from 5 months.


Learn-To-Swim Classes

Non-swimmers, up to children able to swim without floatation aids.


Stroke Correction Classes

For freestyle beginners, up to junior squad level.


Adult Classes

Private swimming lessons tailored to individual requirements.

Swimming Class Size

Class size is your choice, with up to 4 children max able to participate in a swimming lesson. The cost for a lesson is a flat fee, so the more children you include, the less costs per child.


However, a smaller child to instructor ratio means more instructor time for that child and ultimately more rapid improvement and skill development.


The main season for outdoor swimming lessons is from October – March/ early April, so weekly lessons are offered during Term 4 and Term 1 each year, with intensive courses also offered each week during school holidays. The length of season obviously varies slightly depending on whether your pool is heated and we are flexible to accommodate these differences.

Summer 2017 – 2018 Swimming Lesson Pricing

  • 30 minute classes is: $60
  • 40 minute classes is: $80
  • 45 minute classes is: $90
  • 60 minute classes is: $100
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Tanya’s Tadpoles Certificate Levels

TTTT Levels 1-6

TTTT Levels 7-10

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