My Mineral Swim Experience

Throughout my life I have spent time in all sorts of swimming pools.  I spent years training in highly chlorinated pools, then spent hours at a time whilst at university teaching swimming in such a heavily chlorinated indoor pool that the hairs burned off my arms and legs, and I went through tubs of moisturiser each week.  I certainly prefer the much more user-friendly home pool environment and I’ve now found a system that is even better than the simple salt water chlorinator I’ve had for years.

I have recently had a Mineral Swim system installed in my home pool and I have partnered with Maytronics who supply these systems locally.  Mineral Swim uses 100% Natural Dead Sea minerals, which deliver a range of health and well-being benefits. Within days I noticed the water was clearer in my pool – my sister in law looked at the pool and asked me if there was something different about it in the first week as the water looked so lovely!

The Kids Love It

We had some time at home during the school holidays and enjoyed family time in and around the pool. (How does it seem so long ago that that lovely burst of summer remained?) The kids loved playing in the pool with friends and commented on the silky feel of the water.

The water feels softer and is more gentle on the skin, my kids didn’t need to shower after a swim and I didn’t reach for the moisturiser as I usually do after a swim, no more dry skin is a big win!

The system also uses an Ozone Water purification system which is compatible with any existing pool system. It is odour free (no more chlorine smell), gentle on the eyes and soft on the skin.

My Overall Experience

So as an early stage review I’m very happy with our system and I’m looking forward to spending more time in the pool as the weather warms again later in the year.  

And as an added bonus it is not expensive to convert your salt or chlorine pool.

Stay tuned for further information or feel free to email if you have any questions about it.

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